Pet Food



Sandy Animal Supply carries all forms of the highest quality pet foods such as Dry, Wet or Canned and Frozen Raw Food Diets.

Dog Food

Whatever your dog loves to chow down on, you’ll find it at Sandy Animal Supply. We keep all the most nutritious and popular brands in stock. Not sure what to buy? Ask our expert staff. Or ask your dog.

Dry food is the most common form of dog nutrition, however great improvements have been made over the last ten years to make it more palatable, nutritious, and natural. This is also true for the extreme variety of treats we carry as well.


Dry Dog Kibble Brands
Canidae,  Blue Buffalo,  Taste of the WildNatural Balance,  Diamond Naturals,  Hills Science Diet,  Science Diet Natures Best,  Zignature, Earthborn, Propac

Many More Available Upon Request!





Canned Food has many benefits for Dogs that are more selective about taste, texture, and smell. They are also a great alternative for older dogs with oral problems.


Wet/Canned Dog Food Brands
Canidae,  Blue Buffalo,  Taste of the Wild, MerrickDogswell, Natural Balance,  Hills Science Diet, Earthborn, Zignature 

Many More Available Upon Request!





Raw Diets are very unique. These are not foods you freeze then cook. Raw Diets are thawed to room temperature and provide the closest nutrition that would be found naturally in the wild.


Raw Dog Food Brands
Natures Variety Instinct, Stella & Chewys

Cat Food

Your cat may be a finicky eater, but rest assured, we have the selection to make even the pickiest feline purr throughout mealtime. Our expert staff can help you determine what’s the best food for your cat.


Dry food is the most common form of cat nutrition. Great improvements have been made in the last ten years to meet the needs of today’s felines, such as better nutritional content, palatability, aroma, and even the shape of the kibble. This is also true with the extremely wide variety of treats we carry.


Dry Cat Food Brands
Blue Buffalo,  Hills Science Diet, Science Diet Natures BestTaste of the Wild,  Natural Balance,  Diamond Naturals, Canidae, Fussie Cat, WellnessNutrisca, Pride, Earthborn



Wet or Canned diets are an excellent choice for a cat. They are usually more appealing in aroma and flavor while still being nutritious. It provides a great option for more finicky cats, or cats with oral or urinary problems.


Wet/Canned Cat Food Brands
Pride by Instinct,  By Nature, Natural Balance, Natures Variety, Taste of the Wild,  WellnessHills Science Diet,  Merrick,  Weruva, BFF, Earthborn, Fussie Cat and many more.